wczasy nad morzem - dwirzynoWczasy nad morzem w Dwirzynie. Tanie wczasy, Ko這brzeg, pokoje, Dwirzyno, kwatery. Wakacje, wypoczynek, urlop, morze. Noclegi Ko這brzeg, Dwirzyno





Dwirzyno is a picturesque town located about 12 km from Ko這brzeg, between Lake Resko and Baltic Sea. 


The beautiful relief, the wealth of nature, sand dunes covered  with pine woods, a wide sandy beach and Lake Resko make this place an attractive holiday town,  which guarantees various forms of leisure. 


The town is situated  along one, main Wyzwolenia street, through which the transit 

road from Ko這brzeg do Mrze篡na passes.



There also is a port here, in which one can observe  the work of fishermen returning from catches,  numerous fish frying-spots and smokehouses,  canteens, small caterings. 


Over the lake there  is a yacht and surfing bay, where one can rent 

some swimming equipment. It is hard  to get bored in Dwirzyn. 


In summer streets are vibrant with life.



One can have a great time and leisure while admiring the climatic values. 

If you want to rest, you can do this only in our Resort "RIWIERA".





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Wczasy nad morzem w Dwirzynie. Tanie wczasy, pokoje gocinne na wakacje. Wypoczynek, urlop, kwatery nad morze Ko這brzeg, Noclegi

Riwiera Dzwirzyno - tanie pokoje kwatery na wypoczynek wczasy i urlop nad morzem. Noclegi Ko這brzeg - Grzybowo - Dwirzyno

Projekt i opracowanie: Dom Wypoczynkowy RIWIERA 2006 - Dwirzyno , pokoje do wynaj璚ia